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Affordable access to tailored Coaching e-guides, e-cards and e-learning. Not everyone is ready for 1-2-1 coaching, we get that. We also understand that you might need a few conversation starters. And, we equally know that your career might just need a little pick-me-up.

We've got you

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IT Manager to IT Leader: Become a Leader as Coach (58 page e-guide)

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Welcome to our e-guide designed to support leaders in cultivating a coaching mindset to enhance their leadership effectiveness. Being an IT Leader is more than having SME technical knowledge and extends beyond traditional hierarchical structures. Leaders are increasingly called upon to inspire, empower, and develop their teams to achieve collective goals and navigate complex challenges.

This e-guide is tailored for leaders seeking to adopt a more coach-like approach in their leadership style. By embracing coaching principles, leaders can foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement within their teams. Through the integration of coaching models, powerful questioning techniques, and curated resources, this guide aims to equip leaders with the tools and insights necessary to unlock the full potential of their teams.

What You'll Discover in this E-guide:
Coaching Models: Explore three influential coaching models that provide frameworks for effective leadership coaching. From the GROW model's structured approach to the Wheel of Life's holistic perspective, these models offer versatile tools to guide coaching conversations and drive performance improvement.


Coaching Questions: Dive into a collection of powerful coaching questions designed to stimulate reflection, facilitate goal setting, and unlock insights. These questions serve as catalysts for meaningful conversations, enabling leaders to support their team members' growth and development effectively.


Resources: Access a curated selection of resources, including additional tools such as SMART goals and SWOT Analysis PLUS links to articles, books, videos, and online courses, to deepen your understanding of coaching principles and enhance your coaching skills. From practical tips on active listening to strategies for giving constructive feedback, these resources provide valuable insights to support your journey as a coach-like leader.


Beta price: £10 - Available until June 1st 2024.


(PDF Format)


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Master the art of engaging in open and supportive dialogue with this pack of e-cards. these coaching questions provide a structured framework for career development conversations that promote self-awareness, goal setting, accountability, and continuous learning. By leveraging these questions effectively, individuals can take proactive steps to advance their careers and achieve their professional aspirations.


Includes a 'How to use the coaching e-cards' to support you and your conversations.


(PDF Format)


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